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How I Unblock Writer’s Block


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Just like many writers I often I experience writer’s block. I get these moments where I can’t write then there are moments when I start to write and can’t stop. I hear Diddy in my head sayin “Can’t stop, won’t stop!”

I get so many ideas in my head and I just want to write away but the writing ideas are for different things. It’s like I suffer from a writer’s form of ADD.  When that happens I start a notebook for each idea so that when I sit down again I can just pick up that notebook and just let it flow. Then there are times when I just draw a blank. What do I do then?

At first, I’d just walk away and do something else.  Then it came to me. Recently I’ve learned that if I close my eyes and take a deep breath, I’ll fall Seriously when I do that, it helps me clear my mind. One of the two things happen:  1. I write about the first thought that comes to mind or 2. I’ll text someone and there will be something in that conversation that will stick out and I’ll write about that. Strange but for me, that works.  And from there I get the juices flowing and get carried away into writing and then when I feel as if I’m done for now…..I realize that, I’ve only gotten up to use the bathroom and for snacks. I’ve also switched from one channel to the next channel for my Law&Order: SVU marathon(which means it is now Sunday) and it means that the next day is Monday and I have to prepare for my work day. What a way to spend the weekend right?! Yes my background music is Law&Order…..

But anywho how do you unblock writer’s block?



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