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Some times life moves at a pace that we either can’t keep up with or we are not ready for.  I think it confuses some and makes others sit back and reflect just to re-group.

I’ve been reflecting, re-grouping, learning and planning getting ready to move forward. Most importantly, I’ve also been recharging my creative energy.

I am ready for this next chapter.

My Oldest Heartbeat


I just celebrated the last birthday and I am all birthdayed out….lol.  This 9 year old is one heck of a kid.  There is soo much that I can say about this kid.  He is an awesome big brother and a great friend.  He’s just an awesome person overall.  Even if he wasn’t my son and I met him, I’d be still say the same thing.  He said that he had the best birthday yesterday, his reasons: he got to celebrate at camp with his friends, I came with cupcakes and took him to get another lego set.  He loves his legos.  It was a simple day and to him it was the best and that pretty much made my day.

Love both of my guys with everything in me!!!