New Year

So we have started a new year and you know what? I’m feeling really great about this new year. Last year, early but not that early, I republished my first novel, Dreamtini. Many years had passed since its release and I always had a follow-up to it, which I plan to release this year.

At the end of last year, November to be exact, I published my second book, Pieces Of Me. This book is made up of my thoughts in form of essays and poems that I wrote prior to actually writing Dreamtini. These were some of the lessons that I learned through personal situations. This book is me opening up to my readers and sharing pieces of me. It is also part of a collection titled, The ReBirth Of My Soul, which I plan to release the next two books in this collection within the next two months.

So again, this new year has started and I’m feeling really great about this year.

Pieces Of Me