New Year

So we have started a new year and you know what? I’m feeling really great about this new year. Last year, early but not that early, I republished my first novel, Dreamtini. Many years had passed since its release and I always had a follow-up to it, which I plan to release this year.

At the end of last year, November to be exact, I published my second book, Pieces Of Me. This book is made up of my thoughts in form of essays and poems that I wrote prior to actually writing Dreamtini. These were some of the lessons that I learned through personal situations. This book is me opening up to my readers and sharing pieces of me. It is also part of a collection titled, The ReBirth Of My Soul, which I plan to release the next two books in this collection within the next two months.

So again, this new year has started and I’m feeling really great about this year.

2 Paths


brown metal train railway

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

There are two paths and both have the same final destination. One path is a straight shot and the other has twists and turns.  You stand there looking at the entrance to both and you go back and forth trying to determine which one you take.  You’re debating in your mind.  You say, if I take this one, it’s a straight shot but if I take the other one it’s not a straight shot.  You just keep going back and forth, forth and back until you finally make a decision.

The decision is made and you choose a path.  Depending on which path you chose, your thoughts vary.  If you chose the straight shot path you’re thinking oh that’s it but if you chose the other, along the way you find interesting things and meet all different kinds of people.  Whichever path you chose, it got or it’s getting you to your final destination.

The path that I chose was the bumpy and curvy path.  It’s an amazing path because I’m still learning along the way.  Not only is it getting me to where I need to be but it is helping me to be open.  Open to who I’m meant to be.  Most won’t understand my path and that’s ok because it’s not for them to understand.  The path we choose is the path that was meant for us, so we are the ones that need to understand.

Some times in life, we find ourselves at the beginning of a path and we have two options: the straight and narrow or the bumpy curvy path. It’s up to you to choose what option is best for you. So don’t ever let someone think that the path you chose was the wrong path. You chose the path that was best for you.