Shoulda Known


Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

You came into my life,
Shoulda known you were trife.
You stole my heart like a thief
In the night,
knew I shoulda kept shit tight.
The game you kicked
made me realize that I just
got dicked.
Is it the older you are, the less mature
you become?
Or are you just full of cum?
Do you think with your penis
or are you just brainless?
You see a chick and say
“I’m not like the rest, Ma’ you can
put me to the test.”
You talk the sweetest game,
come to find out it’s all the same.
Every move you made was so right, still
I shoulda kept shit tight.
Now I’m back at square one
Asking myself “am I done?”
Yeah I’m done but only with you.
You came into my life,
Shoulda known you were trife


Like the sun
you brighten my day.
Like the moon & stars
you keep my nights bright.
Like the calm ocean,
you keep me at peace.
When my body aches,
it calls for you.

My soul is not at ease
since it needs to be pleased.
I’m counting down
until I no longer wear a frown.
It’s not that I’m in love with
but I’m addicted to you.
You’re that drug I depend
Damn I can’t wait until you
come home.
That’s when I get that hit
from you,
but until then I’ll keep going thru