A Note To You

How do I work up the nerve to simply tell you how I feel? That seems to be the question on my mind almost every day. Something so simple seems to be difficult. We talk about everything under the sun, moon and stars but yet this one little thing leaves me at a loss for words.

One day I will work up the courage to tell you how I feel but for now, I’m just gonna let you know how much I appreciate you.

Love me.


How can I tell him how I really feel when, he makes me nervous?

How can I tell him that I have a high school type of crush on him, when he takes my breath away?

How can I tell him, he’s the only one I need when his eyes are piercing thru me?

How can I tell him that when I close my eyes it’s him that I dream about when I close my eyes?

How can I tell him, he’s my end and I don’t know where to begin?

How can I tell him, that I simply love only him?