a dream

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We started out as friends
I never began to realize
how much I needed you.
When I was in need of a
helping hand,
you were always there on demand.
When I needed your comfort
you were there with open arms.
When it was time for that sexual healing,
I felt your strong feeling.
Soon I began to realize,
we were more than friends.
Could you & I really becoming one?
No, because when I needed you
the most, you were gone,
I was left standing alone,
I awoke from the daze to realize,
All of this was just a dream.



Two years later and two weeks away from getting married, Missy receives a series of phone calls from an anonymous caller, who turns out to be her ex-boyfriend, Jerry. With curiosity getting the best of her, she pays him a visit.

Over dinner, she finds out that he is no longer married and wants her back. Wanting to forget about the evening and all that Jerry had to say, Missy goes home to one of her infamous Dreamtinis.

Could this really be reality or all just a dream? Follow Missy as she tries to fight temptation and follow her heart.