Short Story

Simply Me

Just a self plug!!!!


via Daily Prompt: Guilty

The day we first met, I knew it was you.¬† You made me feel like no other. Your smooth chocolate brown skin against my lips and tongue always sends chills through my body. When we kiss..Oh My!¬†Your sweetness makes me want you even more.¬† I needed to always have you.¬† You quickly became a craving but I was content with having you once a week or just the weekends.¬† Then came that miserable¬†day. I looked and searched all over for you and you were no where to be found. I felt like an addict trying to find you.¬† Your type of high felt amazing. I needed and wanted that high.¬† I truly became addicted to you and you couldn’t be found.

Then I found something new. Oh my! I can’t believe how this something new can make me feel the same way you make me do.¬† I’m caught between two lovers that both make me feel so good.¬† The more time¬†I spend with my new boo, I can’t stop thinking of you. Whyyyyyyyyyy do you two have to make me feel the way that I do?¬† This can’t be happening. But I want you and need you but I shouldn’t.¬† I should be home with….but I want you even more.

Damn you Butter Pecan ice cream! Why are you making me feel like this? You know my heart belongs to Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream!!!!