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New Work In Progress

I started this project back in 02/03. I walked away from it, came back to it and walked away again. THEN I returned. It was originally just Kayla(the person) talking about her sexcapades. But around the first walk away, The Vagina Monologues started popping off. It seemed as if everyone or groups of females were getting together and doing their own version of the monologues. That’s when I started to think🤔🤔. Now when it comes to booty calls there are two sides, her side and his side. Then I dug deeper into my thought

I said to myself: What if the vagina could describe the booty call? From start(how they get there all the way to the end).

Myself said: Gurrrrl yes!

And here we are…The Tale of Kayla and KayKay. My Work In Progress…COMING SOON!!!

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