Ever since Covid-19 and this quarantine, life has been crazy. Every day we are seeing posts, well I am seeing posts regarding Mental health. Mental Health is so important but it seems like just when you think you have it all together something happens. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s happening to you or someone close to you. Something is happening.

You try so hard to get back on track but we seem to miss a step and we find ourselves falling down a flight of stairs. At this present moment in time mental health is so important buuut at this rate how can we expect to be mentally healthy when the state in which we live is hazardous to our health?

I can honestly say that I have my days. Some days I wake up ready to attack the day and on other days…not so much. I find myself worrying every damn day. And then sometimes when I speak to my mom, my worry level goes from 100 to 1000 within 5mins of our conversation. I find myself at times trying to avoid conversations with her but she’s my mom. Yes she is my mom but sometimes when talking to her doesn’t help my mental health when it should.

1¹I can’t wait to see my therapist.

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