Interior Writing Conversation

“Now where should I begin?”

“Let’s see. Maybe I should get organized first then figure out what to write.”

“No wait let me check my email first, then Facebook and then I will write.”

Now that that is done, let me figure out if I want to work on The Tales or Dreamlover.”

“No I will blog which will get my juices flowing then I will write.”

“Oh I have an idea for something to work on next, so let me write down that idea then work on whatever it is that I’m going to work on.”

“You know what I’m gonna sleep on it and see what the dream says to work on as far as novels go. So I’m gonna work on this script and tomorrow I will work on whichever novel comes to me in my dream. Yeah that makes sense to me.”

I then go through the flash drives to see what is on what and which one has nothing on it.

Word of The Day: Redux

Andy couldn’t believe that he was now in this position. For many years he had seen his father fight for change, he was there by his father’s side fighting for what was right. As a teenager he knew that when he went to college his major was going to be Political Science. He knew that one day he was going to be just like his father. The day finally came.

As his campaign party entered the room he didn’t know what to expect. As he stood at the podium and looked around, some of the faces were new and some were old. The one face that was the most familiar was his father’s. His father gave him the it’s going to be just fine, so relax smile. Once everyone was seated and their attention was on him, he began.

“I would like to thank everyone in here. I know some of you and I look forward to getting to know those who I don’t know. The next few months are going to be tough but if we stick together and fight for what’s right not only for the community but our town, I believe that we can win this election together. I am aware that we are still having problems in our school district so that is going to be our first concern. Our second concern is bringing the community together so that we can work together.” He saw that someone had their hand raised. “Yes, sir you have a question?”

“Are you going to be your father’s redux?”

“Why would you ask that?”

“Because those were the same things that he was fighting for.”

“I don’t take anything away from my father but I am not his redux. He fought for change and now I am fighting for improvement. There’s difference and once we begin campaigning you well see the difference between my father and I. Also I have my own identity and my own voice.”