Thinkin of You

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I often hate my mind because of you.  Don’t get it twisted, I don’t really hate my mind. I just hate the fact that I’m always thinking about you. Wondering if you’re ok. Wondering if you’re having a good or bad day.  I’m trying to figure out since the day is so beautiful, what might you be doing?  Are you working? Or you taking a stroll? I want to know any and everything about you but at the same time I don’t. Then again, maybe deep down inside I do.

See, I hate that I think about you like this knowing you probably could give two shits about who I’m with, where I’m at and what am I even doing.  You know sometimes in the morning you are my first thought?  At night, well sometimes you are the first, if not the first you are definitely the second or third.

Sheesh, I hate that I think about you like this.




via Daily Prompt: Guilty

The day we first met, I knew it was you.  You made me feel like no other. Your smooth chocolate brown skin against my lips and tongue always sends chills through my body. When we kiss..Oh My! Your sweetness makes me want you even more.  I needed to always have you.  You quickly became a craving but I was content with having you once a week or just the weekends.  Then came that miserable day. I looked and searched all over for you and you were no where to be found. I felt like an addict trying to find you.  Your type of high felt amazing. I needed and wanted that high.  I truly became addicted to you and you couldn’t be found.

Then I found something new. Oh my! I can’t believe how this something new can make me feel the same way you make me do.  I’m caught between two lovers that both make me feel so good.  The more time I spend with my new boo, I can’t stop thinking of you. Whyyyyyyyyyy do you two have to make me feel the way that I do?  This can’t be happening. But I want you and need you but I shouldn’t.  I should be home with….but I want you even more.

Damn you Butter Pecan ice cream! Why are you making me feel like this? You know my heart belongs to Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream!!!!