One Sided

If I love you then, who loves me?
If I protect your heart then, who protects mine?
If I care about you then, who cares about me?
If I hold you then, who holds me?
If I wipe away your tears then, who wipes away mine?
If I make you smile then, who makes me?
If I catch you then, who catches me?
If I make you feel good then, why do I feel bad?

**It’s funny how things seem to work one way and never works out both ways. At first it does work both ways but in the end it only worked one.**

Music To My Ears

Music to my ears,
when he asks,
Are you ready to go lay down?

Music to my ears,
when he whispers,
sexual commands.

Music to my ears,
when he moans.

Music to my ears,
whatever sound,
he makes in bed.