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I’ve been so motivated as a writer that I am working on two books.  Not at the same time silly.  I get these spurts and I write and can’t stop.  I’ll work on one idea for a while and then bounce to the other one. Again, not at the same time silly person. 🙂

My process is very simple, at least to me it is. When I come up with an idea, I take notes and then, I begin to write. I hand write until I feel as though I’m done.   That way when I stop, I can go back and read and make changes as I go.  For example, if I write 3 chapters and stop, the next day or two, I go back and start from the beginning.  I make changes, if I see fit at that time, then pick up where I left off.  Sometimes I might even read those chapters and the ending may come and I begin to work backwards, working my way back to the beginning. Sounds like I’m all over the place but that’s how I write.  EVEN IF I WORK WITH AN OUTLINE. But enough about my process.  Wait where was I going with this? OH motivation!

As of lately I’ve been so motivated to write.  Like I stated earlier, working on the two books and with this blog.  It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like this and I must say that this motivational feeling that I’m feeling…..Bayyybee!!!!!!!!!

So on that note, let me keep these writing juices flowing and continue to write…..

Believing In Self

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Many, many, many years ago when I first said that I wanted to be a writer, I had no one to guide me in the right direction. I dove in head first without knowing a single thing. I always thought, you submit to a publisher and they either said yes or no. It truly wasn’t as easy as I thought. With many years of educating myself on the publishing and writing industry, I am now a published author. :^) What a feeling just to say that I followed my dreams and look where it led me!
Many of us get caught up with what we are “supposed” to do but never get caught up with our dreams and goals. It’s often because there isn’t anyone there to help us or push us to follow through. I can admit that it is also hard just to start some where but in all actuality it’s very simple.

We all hear of success stories of people starting new businesses or a new career and we are amazed. We think to ourselves, how can I accomplish something to that extent or even something simple?

Here’s how, you have to believe that you can do it. You have to believe that you will succeed. For every negative thought you have, turn into a positive thought. I know that it’s very simple to do but sometimes it’s not that simple. People need motivation and that’s understandable but if you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect for someone else to believe in you.