Makin The Time

Even if it means that I’m up late to write,
then I’m makin the time.
If it means me finalizing and prioritizing
in the wee hours of the nite,
then I’m makin time.
If means sitting in the car as my kids
sleep in the back to write down an idea,
then I’m makin the time.
If it means stopping for a quick minute
to look up something and I do it,
then I’m makin the time?
If it makes their future a lil bit better
then I made the time.

Love Thought..I Guess

You try to hate someone;
you wind up loving them
even more.

You try to forget
about a person
but every person you met
reminds you of person you’re
trying to forget.

And why does it seem
the more you forgive, you still
don’t forget; and,
that person stays
in mind, in sight
in your heart?

After so long,
you try to love a new,
just to find out that
the love you had for the
other is still there……