The Scene

As Lynn and Jen sat on the bench in the park they couldn’t help but to notice all of the joggers jogging, mothers pushing strollers speed walking and couples holding hands strolling through the park. Lynn then spotted a nicely tanned man who could have been between 6’2″-6’4″. He had faux Mohawk, shirtless and a well defined six pack. Lynn could see the sweat glisten on his body as he got closer. Jen saw the look on Lynn’s face and then turned to see what she was looking at.

“Umm?” Said Jen.

“Uh-huh and mm-mmm.” Replied Lynn.

“Urrrr urrrr urrrr urrrr.”


He stopped in front of them.

“Urrr ummm.” Jen said to the sweaty man.

“Mm-mmm.” He said locking eyes with Jen.

“Ummm, uh-huh.” Lynn said.

“Um uh-huh urrr.” He said to her. He took a seat in between them and leaned down to tie his sneaker. Lynn and Jen looked at each other smiling. “So uh-huh um urrr mm-mmm.”

“Uh-huh.” Lynn quickly said.

“Ummmm uh-huh mm-mmm.” Said Jen.

He took off his arm band and pulled out his cell phone and turned to Jen so that he could get her number. “Mm-mmm uh-huh.”

“Mmm mm mm um um um um.”

“Mm-mmm, urr uh-huh.” He got up and jogged off.

Guilty Pleasure

There are so many things that I enjoy doing.  But as I sit here and write,  I think about a television show that I love to watch.  That show, Paternity Court with Lauren Lakes.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Judge Judy, Judge Karen, Judge Mablean, Judge Ross and Judge Faith but this one in particular I love.

I used to watch Maury but after seeing women come on five or six times to find out who their baby daddy is, is not only too much but kind of heartbreaking.  How could you not know who the father of your child is and why were you sleeping with so many people during the time of conception WITHOUT A CONDEM.  I’m not judging, I’m just sayin.  I couldn’t be one of those who didn’t know who the father of my children was.  You think it’s one guy and it turns out to be the other guy.  Crazy!

When Paternity Court came on for the first time I was like oh boy here we go but after watching back to back episodes, I couldn’t wait for the next day.  I was also happy when the show got renewed.  This show is special because these guests not only get the answers that they need answered but help is also provided for them.

I couldn’t imagine growing up thinking one man was my father and then another comes along and says that he is my father and it turns out to be true. I couldn’t imagine how I would feel knowing that my mother told me over and over that one man was my father and for years he denied me, then turns out he is my father.  Or it could turn out that he really wasn’t my father.

Some of the stories on this show are just unbelievable.  Both men and women denying who is or who isn’t the father until the results come in.  It’s not funny but it is when a female is so adamant about who is the father and it turns out someone else it the father.  Or when a guy denies paternity until the very end and it turns out that he is the father.

Like I stated earlier the best part about this, is that there is help for the people that come on after paternity is decided. Another good thing is that there is a follow up show on some of the craziest situations.

There you have it, my guilty pleasure and why…lol