Ain’t It Funny



yellow plush toy

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Ain’t it funny,

how I’m never blue?

That’s because I can’t

stop thinkin of you.


Ain’t it funny,

how back then,

I let you pass me by

like the wind?


Ain’t it funny,

how close we’ve become?

I now feel like we’re one.


Ain’t it funny,

how right now,

you give me a special glow?


Ain’t it funny,

you & I?

I think about our times together

and it makes me high.


Ain’t this all just so funny?

Sun Shine


balloon girl sun orange

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When the sun is shining bright,

everything seems to be alright.

You can be feeling down

but yet the sun brings a smile

that comes from that frown.

Don’t get me wrong because,

words from a loved one are special.

But there’s nothing like,

a day when the sun is shining bright.