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Without Doubt

I have these notebooks that I use and on the inside of one there are these writer guides. These guides aren’t on all pages, they are sporadically spread out.  On the most recent pages there were two guides. The first guide was to list three things that I believe without a doubt. I didn’t have to think about them I wrote them without hesitation. On the opposite page it said to write about one of those beliefs. One of the things that I listed was ‘dreams’. Whether it happens when I close my eyes or making something I strongly desire happen. I’m a big believer in all kinds of dreams.

When I close my eyes at night and get into that deep R.E.M, I dream. I dream of things that have happened in the past, present and I dream about the future. All my dreams are in color, never have they been in black and white. When I awake, I sometimes like to think about what I dreamt about. I like to linger in the dream as long as I can when I wake up. I believe that my dreams speak to me. If I go to bed the night before with a question heavy on my mind, the answer comes to me in my dream. If I can’t make a decision on something, I think about it before I go to sleep and when I awake the next morning, I have an answer.

Now in the ‘present’ I have dreams. My first dream was to become a published author and I am. I have a dream of having more books published and I am working on that. My last dream, giving my boys the best life possible. I have dreams of having these dreams work together and I know that they will.

So whether it’s a dream that comes to me while I sleep or something that I am passionate about that I want to give life to, I strongly believe in both without a doubt.

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