A Mother’s Thought

With all that is going on in this crazy world, I fear for my children. They are young but wise enough to understand why I fear for them. When I put them on the bus in the morning, I fear that this could be the last time that I see them but I trust and know that it’s not.

At times I think, maybe if I keep them close and never leave my sight then, they will be ok. In the same thought, I tell myself that I can’t keep them sheltered. I have to allow them to experience life the same way that I did. But then the fear of something happening to them takes control of me.

With all that’s going on in this crazy world, it’s hard to be a mother to boys when you don’t know what’s going to happen when they walk out that door. I just trust that everything that they’ve been taught will help them make the best decisions they can possibly make.

With all that’s going on in this crazy world, I pray that I’m raising them right.

2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Thought”

  1. Friend, I pray daily because I too fear for your princes. My daughters are older and although I have fears they are quite different. It is a crazy messed up world and we have to raise them to be people with heart although others are heartless.

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