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Just My Thought

Sometimes we go through things in life not knowing. Not knowing how we’re going to survive. Not knowing how we’re going to make it. Not knowing what to expect or not to expect. Some how we do manage to make it through.

We have a plan for ourselves but the Higher power has a different one. We think that we can go straight from A then to B; however, the Higher power throws in some twists and turns just as we are going from A to B.

Eleven years ago I had a plan for myself. There were a few hiccups but I managed to go from A to Z. Well actually more like from A to M. Once I got to M things took a turn. I’m not going to say for the better or for the worst. Things just took a turn. It was at this point I felt as though the Higher power stepped in with a plan that was supposed to go with my plan. I sat there many days shaking my head, asking my self “why” and how” as I tried to figure it out.

I can happily say that I’ve finally figured it out; however, I’m working out a few kinks but it’s all good.  It’s still a learning process but at this point I’m good with that…..

Just a morning thought 🙂


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