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As I laid there in the bed watchin tv, I was hoping that he wasn’t going to bother me when he came into the bedroom. It was my lazy Law&Order:SVU marathon day and he knew I loved to watch and nap. He sat down next to me and asked what was I doing? Really?! He then positioned himself between my legs with his head resting on my stomach. I actually didn’t mind. All of a sudden he eased down and turned over.

He began to run his finger tips up and down my inner thigh. He began to kiss on my inner thighs as he continued running his hands up and down my legs, coming close but not touching my lovebox. He would lightly whisk his fingers across the outside of my cavern, running them along the creases between my nether lips and thighs. He teased me like this for what felt like forever before he kissed, licked and stroked. Every so often he would stop just to kiss and bite my inner thigh.

Finally he moved down and stuck his tongue inside of me. I could feel my hips moving with his motions. He sucked, licked, kissed. He licked and sucked. His tongue stroked my valley up, down, all around.

I could feel a tingle down my spine. I tried to fight him off, well at least I thought I was. Instead I held his head as his tongue made love to my warm, wet love-glove. As I looked down at him, he looked at me. Our eyes were locked, I took a deep breath and grabbed my breasts. As I continued to fuck his tongue, his tongue continued to fuck me.

I was completely relaxed as my lower body went numb. I felt myself starting to come but this wasn’t any regular orgasm. This felt different. Instead of my juices flowing out, my juice squirted out. When I looked back down at him, I could see him smiling with his eyes. When he was done taking in all my juices he lifted his head up and said, “Let me find out I made you squirt?1”

Orgasm #2- Squirting Orgasm

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