Near Death Experience

The closest experience I’ve ever had to having my life flash before my eyes, was truly an experience. Back in 2003, I went to a party at a local club. I guess my friend who wanted me to come out had a very busy day that day without taking a nap at some point.

We went to this party and had a real good time. After it was over, we took someone home. We had to drive to the Bronx. I was in the passenger seat and my friend was driving. We had been talking then the conversation stopped. I looked down for a minute and then looked up just in time. The highway was winding and there was a wall on the side and we were heading straight to that wall. I shouted and shook my friend. Her head was bowing down and her eyes were closed. She woke up and pulled over and let the person who we were taking home drive.

In that quick moment, I saw all that I had done with my like up until that moment and all that I could be from that point on.

I remember that day as if it happened yesterday. It was truly one of the scariest moments in my life. My mom had already buried one child many, many, years before and I definitely didn’t want her to have to do it again.


Nicely penned.

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