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Body Shaming

This is just a thought. I recently read an Instagram post, actually two. They were both about skinny shaming, and they were interesting because I could relate to both. I am naturally thin and have been this way damn near all my life. The only time that I put on any weight was during both of my pregnancies. After giving birth, I went back to my natural frame. I’ve always wanted to put on weight, and no matter how much I eat…no success. Growing up, I played sports, and I’ve worked with trainers. I figured if I ate and ate and ate, the weight would come, but it would go to the right places. Again, the weight never came. Whenever I would mention that I was working out people would say for what? While laughing. I still want to be healthy; I don’t want to be thin and not look healthy. So my response is always, I want to be healthy and maintain how I am. I get different responses from do you want some of my weight? No, I’m good. I also get if you lose any more weight or get any slimmer, you’re not going to be just skin and bones, and I don’t need to be working out. My brother’s best friend, whenever he sees me, always has something to say, like, I’m getting skinnier. When people see me eat, they are amazed and asks where does it go? I can eat a lot. Here’s my situation, I have an autoimmune disease that sometimes messes with my appetite, so I might not eat for an entire day. I also have hyperthyroidism, which means whatever and the amount of food I eat isn’t going to stay in my system that long. So I’m doubled fucked. I say all this to say, 1.I never considered any of this skinny shaming 2. When you see a thin/slim person keep your thoughts to yourself, you don’t know what they are dealing or struggling with and your words no matter how sincere, caring or whatever, a thin/slim person knows that they are thin/slim they don’t need the reminder so please STFU..thanks. Just like an thick(I got this from my son who put on some weight during Covid. He doesn’t like the word fat or big) person struggles with losing weight, we struggle with gaining whether it’s due to a health issue or in the genes.

Again, this was just a thought. Wasn’t going anywhere with this.

2 thoughts on “Body Shaming”

  1. I think body shaming has always existed, and every body type is liked and hated throughout all the eras. I guess we just have to accept that there’ll be haters for everything, and to remember that their thoughts are a reflection of them more than us.
    I don’t know where I’m headed. Wasn’t going anywhere with this comment either, lol.


    1. You are absolutely right. I’ve always heard comments but never really thought anything about them. I’d laugh and joke right along with people. I never looked at it as body shaming just as maybe being’jealous/envious’. But there’s one person that always has something to say and it’s like dude ok enough already…

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