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Have you ever had someone from waaaaay in the past approach you looking to rekindle something that really could of been something special? Or even talk to that person and he/she keeps bringing up the past and are aware of their mistakes and just want the one chance? You look at them squinting your eyes with the “what? are you serious?” look on your face?  Here’s what you should say:

Every time I see you,

I see disgust.

I can’t help but laugh &

ask myself why?

Why did I ever do what I

did for you?

When you were at your lowest point,

it was me who held you and told

you it was going to be alright.

Whatever you asked me for,

I gave to you.

Even when you didn’t ask,

I still gave.

Maybe when you asked I shoulda

ignored you as you did me.

Now you stand before me

telling me you miss me and my love.

You must be crazy, have you

forgotten that I move forward and

not backwards?

Its not that easy to remove these

thongs, so you definitely

got it all wrong.

So as you walk away ask yourself

were you  that serious?

Me personally, I think you are now just



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