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Love Gumbo For The Mind

Maybe I’ve gotten wiser, when it comes to love or maybe I haven’t. The way I see it, it’s like this, love yourself half ass and in return you get half ass love. If you can love yourself and accept all your flaws as well as your perfections, then good things happen, including that “genuine love.”
What’s the point of being in a relationship and you’re constantly upset or crying over some bullshit? In all actuality it’s not who you’re with who’s making you cry, it ‘s you. There are people whether it be man or woman, who are always like, “I can’t take it no more s/he is pushing me over the limit.” You may either say, “Okay I’m gonna let this slide but the next time….” It’s never only one next time, there’s like 3 or 4 next times that follow. If you let one thing slide, you eventually let more shit slide. If you know that there are other things going on, why be an ass and stay in a messed up situation? Yeah, yeah, yeah sex can be a great thing especially if its good but did you ever think what else besides the sex you have? Hmmmmm, if you always have good sex, then sweetie, that’s all it is.

Here are a couple of ways to determine if all you have is just good sex:

1. Unkept “promises”, if this person says that they are going to “come through” to see you and they don’t, they come up with an excuse and when you see that person, they make love to you so good that it makes up for that unkept “promise”. Then……..
2. They put other people and their needs before yours and try to explain why this persons needs are more important than yours………..
3. The person always says they are going to take you out somewhere and then when it comes time, you’re sitting at home waiting.

Now if you can answer yes to these questions, then you just may have a relationship that could be good and healthy:

1. Can you talk to this person as if you are talking to your best friend?
2. Can you be with this person and enjoy that person’s company and conversation without having sex?
3. When you two make plans to go do something and you are aware that you two will be seen by others….. You still go out and enjoy each other?

Like I said if you answered yes to these questions, then you may have a little something more than just sex. If you can’t have a decent conversation, you are constantly questioning the other persons motives and you stay with an attitude and the only time you don’t have an attitude is after sex………. SORRY but I truly don’t think you have anything real.

I’m no expert but I’ve been in situations where I stayed mad, questioned the other persons motives but then I would good get good sex… I always tried to think of all the positive but never could, the negative always outweighed the positive. I eventually said the hell with it, let me love myself and be happy.

I learned how to love myself inside and outside, I learned to accept & love my good traits as well as the bad. So many good things have happened to me and for me. Again, maybe I’ve gotten wiser because I see things for what they really are.

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