Why Do You Love Me

beach coast island landscape

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com

What have I done to make you say
you love me?
What have I said to you, for you to
say that you love me?
Is it the way that you fit like a glove
or is it the way that I love?
Could it be the way that I throw it
back at you when you give it to me?
What is it?
What could it possibly be?
Tell me why you always tell me
that you love me?
You always tell me you love me
whenever we say goodbye, tell me
why is that?
Have I given you a reason to love me,
if I have please tell me.
You know, I wanna know gives
you the right to tell me that you love me.
I just wanna know,
Why do you love me? 

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