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The Lady I Strive To Be(Reposting 4 My Mom) Happy Mother’s Day!

Through thick and thin you’ve always
been there for me.
You were always there to let me know
that if I believe in myself then anything is possible.
Well I believe and everything is possible.
You put me here on this earth to be
the best that I can be
You put me here to shine and that’s what I’m going to do.
With your blood, your genes and your strength
can’t nobody stop me!
I hope that I can instill everything that you’ve instilled
in me to my own.
You’re not just my mother, you’re my
eyes when I can’t see, my ears when I can’t hear
You’re the one who I run to not only for
words of encouragement but for strength to go on.
You’re also my fashion stylist guidance counselor and teacher.
Most importantly you’re my best friend.
So to you I say thank you,
thank you for giving me life, thank you for believing in me, thank you
for never giving up on me.
Thank you for being who you are
and who are you?
The Lady I Strive To Be!

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