The quarter is coming to an end. We’ve played this team twice before in the regular season and loss both games. This game; however, is very different because the winner of this game goes to the semi-finals.

The time-out is over and we have less then a minute to play and the opposing team is up by two. We bring the ball up the court trying to kill time. We do. We pass the ball around and it’s killing more time but time is getting scarce and now the ball is in my hands. I turn around and shoot. What seems like slow motion we watch the ball but position ourselves for the rebound so that we can at least put the ball back up. There is no more time left on the clock and the ball is still in the air. Swish, all net. Score is tied and we have more time to attempt to get this win.

We go into over-time and play our hardest and we take it to the basket every time we get the ball. We are scoring, they are scoring. This game is going to come down to the final minute and whoever has the ball that last minute is going to win the game. Time is winding down and you can see both teams are tired but we are pushing through. The team that wants it the most is getting the victory. Seconds are left on the clock and the opposing team is up by one point. Again we bring the ball up the court, five seconds remain, shot is released. Both teams watch as the ball is floating towards the basket. It bounces off the back board, hits the rim. Swish.

The team that defeated us twice during the regular season, has now been defeated by us and we are off to the semi-finals.

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