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Why I Write

I write for strange and meaningful reasons. I know that that sounds crazy but it really isn’t.

I like to write because I like to write. I like seeing my handwriting on paper. I may not have the best handwriting to someone else but to me being a lefty, I have some nice neat handwriting. Now when I write, sometimes I’m practicing my signature or I’m writing on a napkin and just re-writing what’s on that napkin. I even like writing letters than sending an email. So writing just to write is my strange reason for writing.

Now my meaningful reason, it’s how I best express myself. Writing serves as another form of therapy for me. It’s another way that I can understand what is going on around me as well as within me. Then to tell a story that keeps going until my pen tells me to stop is just an amazing feeling to me. To create another world with the pen is awesome.

I write for strange and meaningful reasons but it is something that I love doing.

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