Back Then

Back then you & I were friends,
although today is not the end.

Back then we were just boy & girl
Today we are woman and man.

Back then we were young and naive.
Today we are still young yet we are wise.

Back then we were strange
Today we are eccentric.

Back then you were you and I was me.
Today you are still you and I am still me.

A Thought

You spend your time time trying
to make others happy,
but do they care if you’re even

You spend your days trying to get
“them” out of your system
yet you’re wondering,
were you ever really in their system.

You spend your nites in their arms,
and as you lay there, you think,
is this person here laying in my arms?

You’re always honest with a person,
yet you’re always wondering if that
person is honest with you.