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Reflection: Jail or Milk Carton

Have you ever reflected on the things that you’ve done in the past? Sometimes when you think back you’re like, WOW!!!!!!!! Let me share a one of my reflections, well actually two.

First Reflection: Jail

When I was in college, I’ll never forget it, this guy must have stole some book vouchers for financial aid students. Now when you cash them in, you get cash back. So one day I was headed into the bookstore and he gave me the voucher and boom, I went in, made a purchase and gave the change to him…….I don’t remember how long after that detectives rang my doorbell, put me in the back of the car(no handcuffs…whew!!!!) and headed to the Sheriff’s Department, no not the local police station but to the Sheriff’s Department. There, they asked me some questions and after oh let’s say an hour they took me back home because they saw that I was honestly someone who was doing something for a friend……..NEEDLESS TO SAY, I GOT EVEN WITH THAT PERSON WHO GAVE ME THE VOUCHER!!!!!!! Even that revenge could have sent my behind to Federal Prison…….yeah but hey I was young and didn’t know any better.

Second Reflection: Milk Carton

I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I’m not a bad looking female. I’m tall and slim and in the summer time or whenever it’s hot I like to show off my 36 inch long legs. So a lot of times I don’t approach men, men approach me. I remember being approached by this guy. He was driving around with his friend and it seemed like every where I was they were. So after a while of that, I remember being on W.8th St. and he got my attention. Next thing I know, I’m in a hotel room near LaGuardia Airport. Yeah I went from Manhattan to Queens. The guy was real nice and his friend was a sweetheart. Now I’m blessed that they didn’t kill me but now that I think about it……..I could have been on the back of a milk carton. I didn’t tell anyone where I was until they saw me the next day. And yes my cell phone was fully charged.

When we are young we all do crazy things and don’t really think about the end result. I’ve had a lot of fun in my hay day. With that being said, what are your milk carton jail reflections?

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