Personal, Writing


Everyday I think of all that I want to say
but the words can never come out.
I want to tell you how I truly feel
but I shy away.
I find it harder and harder to communicate
my thoughts of you, to you.
There are many days that I sit and
think “what if?”
What if I tell you how I feel will it
push you away or bring you closer to me.
I ask myself are his feelings mutual or
is he stringing me along?
If I ask you to help me talk to you about you
will you do it?
If I ask you to tell me how you really
feel, would you tell me?
If I ask you to talk to me about you,
will you talk about you?
If I ask you to ease my pain,
will you ease it?
Will you do whatever it takes to help
me understand, understand you?

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