Finding Happiness

Someone asked me why was I so happy. After telling them about all of my trials and tribulations along with my revelations, they then asked, how? I was caught off guard by that question. I questioned why they asked how? After hearing the explanation, I understood their how. This person had been trying for a long time to find happiness on the outside and that way wasn’t working.

My comment:

“In order to find happiness, you have to look into your life to see where you are happy and where you’re not happy. In the areas in your life where you are not happy, you have to ask why. Once you know why you’re not happy, you begin to fix it. It’s not going to take a day or two, it’s going to take you a long while. Finding happiness is something you have to find within yourself. If you’re not happy on the inside, then how do you expect to be happy on the outside?”

This person was so busy looking for happiness on the outside that they failed to realize that happiness starts from within them.

So if you want true happiness, it starts from within and manifests to the outside.

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