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Same Mentality

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It’s funny how two people have the same mentality. It’s funnier when these two people commit to each other, knowing they have the same thought process. Wouldn’t they always suspect that the other was always out doing something that they shouldn’t be doing? Or is it that they are thinking that because they want to be out doing that something? It could be possible that they are already out doing something, and they are now starting to feel guilty? With these two people, change is possible only if they both want to change and if they allow the change to occur. Change just isn’t going to occur; it is not going to be forced, nor is it going to be easy. But when the change does occur…………WATCH OUT NOW!
Now you have the same two people who not only share the same mentality but the same freaky sex drive. Twisted thing is that this freaky sex drive only comes out when these two people are together. This freaky type of sex is the wrong sex, but it just feels so damn good. In the beginning it’s so right but after it’s all said and done, it was the wrong sex because that’s all it is. Just freaky sex. The sex between these two people is just so unbelievable. It’s the type of sex, that makes you wanna leave the one your with and just be with that person. The sex is so good that your mother actually screams but doesn’t have the slightest idea to why she is screaming. But you know why. You do have to ask yourself what else is there besides the sex? Your answer, nothing. It starts off as meaningless sex but somewhere down the line things get twisted. Damn and I thought that sex with strings attached was twisted. I never thought I would see the day that sex with no strings attached would get so twisted that it becomes like WHOA!!!!!.
It’s funny because I always thought that if you messed with someone who had the same mentality as yourself then everything would be fine and there would be no problems. Oh, how I was wrong. I have learned that if you mess with someone who does have the same mentality as you, the whole sex situation means so much more. As much as you think it’s only about sex, it isn’t. The more time that you spend with this person you two start to fall for each other and your emotions just get all messed up. Yet, at the same time, you know that you can’t be together because all you have is sex. Deep down you know that if you two really wanted to be together, it could work. Then one day something happens and you realize that all it was, was just good sex. That’s when you think to yourself, “Damn, it didn’t have to be that good.”

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