Ever think of all the reasons
why friends change like the seasons?
Some change for the good
others for the bad.
I think of you and don’t get mad.
In what seems like a long
time span,
you’ve grown from boy to man.
But one thing, that has remained
the same, is what’s in your heart.
It’s kept us close even though
we’ve been apart.
I know with you in my life
I’ll never fall,
that’s why to you I give my all.
It’s funny how friend’s change
but yet you’ve remained the same.
You’re a friend I keep in my heart,
I treasure you like a priceless
piece of art.
You’ve been a reason
as well as a season.
Till the end
you’ll always be my friend.


Shoulda Known


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You came into my life,
Shoulda known you were trife.
You stole my heart like a thief
In the night,
knew I shoulda kept shit tight.
The game you kicked
made me realize that I just
got dicked.
Is it the older you are, the less mature
you become?
Or are you just full of cum?
Do you think with your penis
or are you just brainless?
You see a chick and say
“I’m not like the rest, Ma’ you can
put me to the test.”
You talk the sweetest game,
come to find out it’s all the same.
Every move you made was so right, still
I shoulda kept shit tight.
Now I’m back at square one
Asking myself “am I done?”
Yeah I’m done but only with you.
You came into my life,
Shoulda known you were trife