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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

To look into your eyes

and connect with your soul

Is just mesmerizing.


Your sweetest kiss, your sweetest

touch, makes me

want you even more.

I want to feel you and say,

“The sweetest thing I’ve ever known”


Not only do you make love

to my body but to my

mind and soul


Being with you is like

no other,

please keep giving me more.

It’s never just an orgasm

But always a


Soul Mate Encounter


It’s funny how every time we meet someone it’s not just a meeting but also an encounter.  Each encounter is always different.  The ones that stand out the most mean more and make a lasting impression.  The strangest encounter is when you know that you’ve met your soul mate.  Does anybody know what it feels like to meet his or her soul mate?


How do you know that you’ve met your soul mate?  You just know.  There’s a feeling of completion; your life has a meaning; and you have a peace of mind.  Your soul mate captures your mind, body and soul. You feel connected through the heart, mind, and soul.  Your soul mate can come in any size, shape, and/or color.  Your soul mate can be wearing baggy jeans with a wife beater and a pair a Timberlands and a du-rag  (yummy).  Or your soul mate can be wearing a nice three piece suit.  Your soul mate could be the one you are creepin’ with right now.  Your soul mate is no bootleg lover; he’s the real deal.  When you hear their voice your heart beats fast, and that frown turns into a smile.  A protective shield comes over you and, at that point, nothing can harm you.  Every word they say is like music to your ears and everything that is said is heartfelt.  This encounter is supposed to last for infinity and not just for a moment of time.


Being with your soul mate is different from your meeting, or should I say encounter.  If it is meant to be then you both realize that what you have is too strong to ever let go.  You become aware of the fact that you are with someone who will allow and help you spread your wings to fly.  The very first kiss takes your breath away.  Everything that is said comes from the heart.  Every conversation is a journey through the mind.


What makes it special is when you haven’t had sex yet.  Because once again you know that what you have is stronger than that.  Sex can be put on hold, but when it happens…IT HAPPENS. Your soul mate puts it on you.


Your soul mate makes you feel every emotion possible; they also show concern. They are always willing to learn more when it comes to you.


Ever think about how you would feel or be when your soul mate disappears?  It’s like you’re a lost soul.  Your world isn’t complete any more; it becomes chaotic.  You try to focus on something else, but you can’t.  You hear things that are triggers for your mind, that just remind you of what you’ve just lost.  As much as you want to feel sad you can’t.  Due to the memories a smile still comes to your face.  What you have given all of your time, love, and energy to is now gone.  You start to search through the night, trying to look for something that is no longer there.  In the middle of the night you awake from a dream that seemed to be real – like the person is there next to you touching you.  You awake to find that you’re by yourself.  You ask yourself, Was it all really just a dream?  Could it be possible that you both were dreaming the same dream?  You then try to go on, and it seems as though you are just running around in circles. 


You have found the love that you yearn for but it is now gone.  You try to make the next person love you in that way, knowing that it is impossible.  Only one person can give you that love.  That love being the proper love that is meant to complete “your” meaning and purpose. You know what you’re looking for, but there is only one person who can give it to you.


You’re at a point where you want to give up on the whole soul mate idea. You start to think, if that person was feeling you the way that you were feeling them?  That is something that you’ll never know until your paths cross again. You tell yourself  it was,  just another hit and miss with love.  But then things happen and you say to yourself, This person has to be my soul mate but why am I focused so much on this? Because you know when something is right, and you’ll do whatever it takes to make it work.  Even if it means devoting your time, energy, and effort.  WOW, the things that we do for love! 


When it comes to a soul mate I think that anybody would do just about anything.  If it was meant to be then everything will work out; if not, then life goes on.


The encountering of a soul mate is just so mesmerizing but, at the same time, messed up.  What happens when that person leaves and you never got the chance to tell them how you felt?  It weakens some people, and it makes others stronger.  The ones who become weak just settle, but the ones who become stronger won’t settle for just anything.  The weak ones remain silent, and the strong ones don’t know what the word silent means.


What happens when you two encounter each other for the second time?