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5 Minutes

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If someone told me I had five minutes to let you know how I felt about you here is what I would say:
I was sitting talking to a friend, and we were talking about this one day in particular. Now as we were talking about what happened and what we did, that’s when I realized something. That something being you; that’s the first time I ever saw you without saying a word, and that’s when everything basically started for me. A couple of months later, same place, different time, once again we crossed paths with more than a word being said. That night I thought to myself, Okay, just another name and number and one more to my list. Yeah, I was out to get mine…never did I imagine it was going to be like this. The first time blew my mind; it was like WHOA!!!! The next few times were unbelievable. You made my fantasies become realities, and I say thank you. Never did I think that my fantasies would become reality. Then one day I held you in my arms, and I felt this feeling which I knew was wrong but wanted so badly to feel right.
When time passed by and we didn’t see each other, you were still on my mind but in an I wonder how he’s doing? type of way. Then we hooked up again, and I thought maybe this is right. What I was feeling I couldn’t deny. I cared and worried about you when I knew that I shouldn’t. It was like I’d been dealt a hand that looked too good to be true. It was a winner only if I played it right. If I didn’t play the hand right , I’d still be happy because I knew that I did what I thought was right. At the same time, when it was all said and done, I’d hate myself but wouldn’t regret a single move.
I’d be lying to you if I said that I didn’t care because I do. It just kills me to know that you had a piece of my heart. But as they say life goes just like I did. It’s messed up how you said all those things to me and didn’t mean any of it. Remember how you said we’d always be together? I do and to that I say, think again man cause you fucked up a good thing!

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