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Heart: n- the hollow muscular organ that pumps blood received from the veins into the arteries, thereby supplying the entire circulatory system.

Ache: v. ached, aching. 1. To suffer a dull, sustained pain. 2. Informal.
To yearn. n. A dull steady pain.

Break: v. 1. broke, broken, breaking- 1b. To crack without separating.

Heartache: n- emotional anguish: deep sorrow.

Heartbreak: n- intense grief of disappointment.


If your heat aches, will it continue to ache? If your heart aches can it eventually break? If your heart breaks, does it still ache? How does it feel when your heart aches? How does it feel when it breaks?

If your heart aches when you’re with someone and you know it’s going to get worse, why stay when you know it will eventually break? Do you honestly feel that it’s going to get better? If your heart breaks while you’re in a relationship, afterwards does your heart ache?

The heart in all actuality is an amazing organ. It goes through so much but yet still keeps you going.



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