Personal, Writing

Do You Mind?

Do you mind, if I gently kiss your lips then, your cheeks?
Do you mind if I work my way to your ears, slowly play with them and then lick & softly bit you on your neck?
As I make my way down to your nipples, I promise I’ll keep it nice and simple
but yet make it nice and sensual.
As I make my way down to that stomach I adore so much and that pelvic bone
that my tongue likes to touch.
I promise you I’ll be gentle, my tongue will only give you a slight tickle.
Please don’t make me stop, cause I’m ready to taste every drop.
So I gently take you in my hands
and kiss the tip.
Are you ready for a mouth watering dip?
Do you like when I slowly lick your tip?
Do you like when I flick my tongue all around the tip?
Ops my bad I forgot something special,
that kiss on both inner thighs.
Perhaps that will start get you high.
Now I make my way back to that
chocolate lollipop.
I lick, suck & gently bit,
damn I sure hope that this head is tight.
Up & down I go, do you like it, should I stop?
Please don’t make me, cause I wanna taste every drop.
Mmmm I forgot how u felt in my mouth.
Here we go, don’t hold back just let go
I didn’t know you could taste like this,
damn I never knew you could be so sweet.

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