When It All Comes Together

You work so hard towards a goal just to stop. While you’re at a standstill you begin to think. You think about all that could go wrong, instead of all that could go right. With all the negative thoughts, you say the hell with it and move onto something new.

It’s funny because the same thing begins to happen all over again. You find yourself thinking about all that could go wrong instead of all that can go right. You ask yourself, why can’t you shake the negativity?

For me, in the beginning, I can honestly say it was two things. The first was fear. The fear of everything going right. Crazy, right? I was so scared that things could work out that the fear of ‘all that could go right’ would just be to much fore to handle. Many years later, I’m back at that first goal and you know what? Everything is continuing to go RIGHT and not too much to handle.

The second was not believing in my ideas aka self-doubt. I get so many ideas and plan them out. By planning it out I mean, outlining it from A to Z and once I was done with it, I’d talk myself out it. Nothing like writing/outlining a plan and then telling yourself it won’t work😒☹😮.

Now here’s the crazy part, after overcoming my fear, I’ve been able to meet and speak to different people. These same people, not knowing anything that I’ve planned out have re-directed me to my initial plan. CRAZY, RIGHT?!

So with that being said, every day is a new day with a new lesson learned. When we can get to the point to where we can overcome our fears and/or being our own worst enemy, then everything will begin to come together.

What’s stopping your plan from coming together?

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