Why We Do The Things We Do?

When it comes to love, do you ever wonder why people do the things that they do? Ever wonder why people fall in love? Ever wonder what makes people fall out of love? Ever wonder why couples tend to cheat on each other? Ever just wonder why?

There are so many, what, ever wonder, and why questions when it comes to relationships. The twisted thing about it is that many of these questions go unanswered for a long period of time. But, then on the other hand, some people can answer all the questions without thinking twice. But are their answers the right answers? Maybe their answers are right for them; however, they may not be right for others.

The things that we do are just so unexplainable or are they? We tend to do things just because. We never know why we are doing what we are doing; it just seems to be an action or a response. We see things that we want and we go after them and once we have them its like, damn… I went through all of that and this is what I got!? We often have to step over people; we often hurt others in the process without even realizing what we did or are doing. It’s like we see what we want, and it’s wrapped up in a pretty wrapping; and, in order to find out what’s inside, we unwrap it by any means necessary. This is when we begin to act like a fool, and all the foolish and devilish things start to kick in. We turn into the devil and act a way that we never acted before. After it’s all said and done, we ask ourselves “why?” All we can come up with is “I don’t know.” Why don’t we know, or do we? A majority of the time we don’t know the real reason behind our intentions and we answer the question just by saying “because”. Because what? There’s no what; there’s only because.

I can only speak for myself and not for others, but I do things just to do it, not intentionally but unintentionally. It’s never intended to hurt anyone but some of the things I do, does hurt others. Am I sorry? Depends. Family, yes. Friends, maybe. Others, well if they are in the way, perhaps. There are and have been times when I did something and just didn’t give a fuck and could care less about who got/gets hurt in the process.

There is a reason to why we do things that we do. We just have to look deep within ourselves to find that answer. What if other people knew why we did what we did? We would be so predictable and no one wants to be predictable. If we were predictable then everyone would know everybody’s next move. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t want anyone to know my next move. Hell, I don’t even half the time what my next move is going to be. Each individual knows why he or she does what he or she does; so I ask you, why do you do the things you do?

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