Imagine Me,
slowly undressing you
then, laying you down.

Imagine me,
walking over to the stereo
and turning it on

Imagine me,
standing at the foot of the bed
slowly moving
to the beat of the music

Imagine me,
stripping for you.
Now that I’m naked like you

Imagine me,
kissing you from your
feet making my way
up & I stop right there

Imagine me,

Holding you in my hand
blowing the tip while,
I’m stroking him nice & slow
as you’re still in my hand

Imagine me,

Kissing, licking and biting
your pelvic bone

Imagine me,

Straddling and placing
you inside of me.
Can you just imagine how,
warm, wet and deep I can be?

Imagine me,

Going up & down; down & up
can you imagine how,
you feel as I move & how
tight I can be?


Me working you & you working me.

Can you just imagine
A nite of pure ecstasy?

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