You walk me to my car and tell me you had a great night. I can’t help but to smile cause my legs are still a lil shaky. Don’t want you to know that you put it and laid it down.

As I open up my door you ask for a hug and of course I oblige. My head is buried in your chest, I take a deep breath to inhale all of you for one last time. I pull my head back and say, later. You kiss me. With my lips, I take your bottom lip and suck on it…mmm I can still taste my sweet juices.

With my hand on your chest, I make my way down to what I’m gonna call a magical sword. I stroke the sword with my hand and I can feel it getting stronger. I pull back and look around, I pull it out.

With my tongue, I lick the tip, I begin to flick my tongue as fast as I can all around the tip, I suck on the tip and take you all the way in, coming back to suck on the tip and once again I take you all the way in.

I feel your legs getting weak so I continue as I can feel the sword becoming stronger and stronger. I stop and get up, I whisper in your ear, “Take it, right here right now.” You bend me over and enter from behind. As you give it to me, I throw it back to you.

The motions are adrenaline charged, the thrill of it energizes the moment. I can’t take it but I don’t want you to stop, the faster you go, the harder I throw it back. Again I can feel your legs getting weak, I force you out to finish what I started….Mmmmm the mix tastes good..I give you a hug, I take a deep breath so that I can inhale all of you and that moment.


Every drop that falls
makes me think of you and all
that we’ve been through.
The good and the bad.
A different drop falls
A different story told.


It’s always perfect for
when you cry.
Tears and rain mixed
what a beautiful treasure.
To go out and make sweet
Love in


Brings both pleasure and pain.


I see your face in
every drop
makes my heart stop.


A different story in
every drop.