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I know that might sound a little selfish but today is a great day, mind you I’m not really a Valentine’s Day kinda girl. But today is special because my book DREAMTINI II: THE REALITY is now available on Amazon and in the Apple iBookstore. This book, DREAMTINI II: THE REALITY is the follow-up to my first novel, DREAMTINI.

In DREAMTINI, Missy was two weeks away from getting married when her ex-boyfriend, Jerry returns and tries to get her back. She is caught in a battle between following her heart and fighting temptation. DREAMTINI leaves you wondering did Missy follow her heart and fight off temptation. DREAMTINI II: THE REALITY answers those questions as friendships come to an end, new relationships are formed and a baby is born.

As this is out today, I also have an author interview that’s up:

Author Interview: Arnittress Dowdy

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