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Why I Write?

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I’ve probably written about this before but for those who are new and have just discovered who I am, this is for you..

Why do I write?

There are many reasons why I write.

My first reason, writing is how I best express myself. Everything that I want to say verbally but can’t, give me a pen and some paper and I gets busy.(lol)

Seriously, at a young age I discovered that writing was how I best expressed myself and as I got older, I kept at it. I wasn’t consistent with writing, I mean I wrote letters to my friends that were damn near books. I was literally writing four page letters and I mean front and back of a sheet of paper to me was one page.

By the time I was in high school, I dibbled and dabbled in writing but everything that I was writing then was sexual. The sexual charged writing, were short erotic scenes. Ok you got me, they were short porno scenes. No, I really didn’t share those. Well actually I shared with two people and they were guys and they kind of looked at me like, well damn. They did however tell me that they were good.

Soon after I got to the point to where I was comfortable with sharing my poems. I started doing open mics and I began sharing with people in their 30s, 40s and even 50s. They were either going through what or went through what I was writing about. My poems were sparking conversation and I thought that was amazing. It even got to the point to where I was writing poems for other people and weddings. Yes I was getting paid but it was more than that. Someone trusted my words enough to have me write a piece for their loved one. And that became my second reason as to why I write.

So not only do I write because it’s how I best express myself, I also write because others enjoy and appreciate what I write.