What is it all about?
According to Forest Gump and his mama,
“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what
you’re going to get.”
To some, that may be true
to others…well…their theory
might be different.
Is life really what you make of it or what
you make out of it?
Ever wonder why life changes
through the course of time?
Is your life supposed to change?
Is my life supposed to change?
Were we given life to make an impact?
Were we given life to make less of an impact?
Are we here just to be?
Are we here to accomplish something?
I know that I’m here for a reason.
I consider myself to be the chosen one,
not in some sick demented
way but to get a point across.
What point?
Any and all points, I’m here to make everyone aware.
Aware of life and its surroundings.
Life isn’t like a box
of chocolates, life is about being.
You being the controller of your life.
You being the one not afraid of making mistakes.
You not being afraid to admitting to your mistakes.
Life is about taking advantage,
advantage of your life.
Life can change only if you want it to change.
If your life stays the same it doesn’t mean
that you are boring.
Your life can remain the same and not be
boring, it’s all about how you live your life.
That same dull “boring” life can be lived
with animation.
It is your choice whether you make that
big impact or that less of an impact.
It’s sad to say but,
it seems like the only time you accomplish something
it goes unrecognized until you’re 6 feet below.
Shameless to say, but that’s the way that it goes.
When it does go recognized it’s because you
are worth millions…
But everyone on this earth should
consider themselves priceless.
But a life is so much more than
millions, billions, trillions, or even gazillions.
It’s just about how you live your life.
So again, I ask you
what is YOUR life about?

1 thought on “Life”

  1. Life is about the time I spend with my loved ones, the moments that makes everyone happy and excited. Life is about the smile that ekes out around the tough time.


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