One of my favorite rappers is Jay-Z and Regrets is my absolute favorite song of his. I just go into a zone when I hear this song. No matter when I hear or just want to play it, I zone all the way out. My favorite part of the song is when he’s talking to a friend but in all actuality he was talking to his friend’s spirit. I sometimes find my self thinking about my brother who passed away and I get lost in my thought and it feels as if he’s right next me and we are talking to each other. That’s deep.

The moral of the song is about getting to the top and what we do in order to get there. So the main thing he is rapping about is living with regrets. We know that what we are doing is wrong and we will regret it and it’s something that we have to learn to live with.

My question: Why do something when we know that we are going to regret it?

My opinion: I think that we do what we do and are aware of the consequences because it is a learning experience. Everything that we do we learn from – whether it is good or bad. There is something that is being taught to us. It is up to the individual to get something out of it. Me, personally, I have no regrets. I’ve made bad choices but, at the same time, learned more about myself. I learned what I can and cannot handle. I also learned what my needs and wants are when it comes to myself. I don’t regret going through and/or doing what I did. Some people do have regrets and there are others that don’t have any regrets.

My question to you, do you have any regrets?