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7 Things To Give Up

7 Things To Give Up

1. People pleasing
2. Doubting yourself
3. Negative thinking
4. Fear of Failure
5. Criticizing yourself
6. Saying yes when you want to say know
7. Procrastination

I recently saw this post on Facebook and realized that I have these seven habits listed above.

The one that I know I had the biggest problem with is #6. That problem mainly arises when it comes to my parents. When I have things to do, instead of saying that I have something to do, I’d say I didn’t have anything to do and do whatever it is that they would ask. Now If I have something to do, I let them know. I do what I have to do and then do what they ask.

I don’t think I’ve been a people pleaser, just a parent pleaser. People are going to think what they want and that’s their right. As long as my family, most importantly my kids are happy, then I’m good.

There are many times when I doubt myself but then I go against my doubts

I’ve never been a negative thinker, I always see a half full cup.

I’m not afraid of failure because I learn from it.

Criticizing myself…..for me that’s just constructive criticism. We can always improve on something that we do, whether it’s eating healthier, exercise or even a hobby.

Now for that procrastination one…ugh, I guess I’ll write about it later…lol. Seriously I’m getting much better. I like to organize then begin working on whatever it is that I’m working on. I’ve been organizing for the last three years. As of lately I’ve just been diving into things. Well actually, I re-organized everything so now I can just dive into everything.

So where are you at with giving up these 7 things?

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