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As Missy looked at herself in the mirror she couldn’t believe what she had done but it kept playing in her head. She always reminded herself about the woman she didn’t want to be. “I have to get out of here before he wakes up.” She ran quietly back into the room and ran around the room looking for her clothes. As she grabbed her pants she couldn’t help but to stop and look over at the bed. Before she could make it back to the bathroom to change, his cell phone rang. Before he could get up to answer Missy jumped back into the bed as if she had just went to use the bathroom.

Jerry stretched his long arm and grabbed for his cell phone that was on the nightstand next to the bed. Jerry tapped his phone to see who was calling him. “Hello.” He then cut the caller short. “I was just about to go to bed. I had a very long day today, so I’m going to call you back in the morning.” The call ended, he then placed it back on the nightstand and turned to grab Missy. “Hey you, I’m sorry did that wake you?”

“No but you just did.”

“Well is there anything that I can do that is going to put you back to sleep.”

“Just hold me and I’ll be fine.” Jerry did just that and she laid there still and quiet as she waited for him to fall back asleep. She then heard the sound she was waiting for, Jerry’s snore, which, was not too loud and not to hard, it was the perfect snore. Ever since they were in high school Missy knew that any time that she heard that snore she could always leave and he’d never know when she left. Missy knew that snore all too well. Missy knew that Jerry wasn’t the type too wake up in the middle of the night, even if his life depended on it. She decided to cut his phone off just in case. She knew that when he got up the next morning her phone would be ringing off the hook but she’d be prepared to tell him that she just didn’t want to wake him when she left. Missy rushed into the bathroom and quickly got dressed so that she could leave. Instead of putting on her under garments Missy just put her on her pants and shirt. She heard her cell phone vibrating. She grabbed her cell phone out of her bag. She saw that it was her best friend Jaime and knew that Jaime would understand her reason for not picking up her phone. Missy cracked open the bathroom door so that she had just enough light to see so that she could locate her shoes. She then remembered that she took them off in the living room. She gathered her undergarments and put them into her pocketbook, she tiptoed pass Jerry and made it to the living room. She heard her cell phone vibrating again and took it out of her pocketbook. She swiped her phone and quietly said to the other person, “Just a second.”

“Why are you speaking so damn low?”

“As soon as I get outside I’ll call you right back.” Missy ended the call and finished putting on her boots. She grabbed her jacket and was quietly on her way out the door. As she shut the door she looked to see how far away the stairs were and decided to take them instead of the elevator. As she was putting on her coat she was running towards the stairs. Once her coat was on her hands were in her pocketbook grabbing for her car keys.

Once Missy got outside she realized that the staircase let her out on the opposite side of where her car was parked. It seemed as is she couldn’t find her car but she was determined to find it, if not, she’d call a cab and send Jaime for her car in the morning. Missy started to run in the direction she thought her car was parked. When Missy didn’t have on her glasses or had in her contacts she couldn’t see to save her life. She wore her contacts tonight but took them off after she told Jerry that she would spend the night with him. From about one hundred and fifty yards away she spotted her license plate SXY ONE and ran as fast as she could to her car. As she ran towards to her car she unlocked the car which would make it easier and faster for her to get in and drive off. As she got into her car she was out of breathe but that didn’t stop her from starting her new Lexus and speeding off. When she was three blocks away she gave Jaime a call. “Hey Jaime what’s up?”

“Nothing, what’s up with you? I stopped by your apartment and you weren’t there.”

“Uh something came up that I had to tend to.”

“This last minute thing wouldn’t have to do with a certain person coming to town now would it?”

“Excuse me, who are you talking about?”

“I think his name is Jerry.”

“Uh no I had to go to do something with Sunny.”

“So why were you so quiet and rushing me off the phone?”

“I was in a place where I couldn’t talk. Look I said I wasn’t going to mess with Jerry anymore and I’m not. And just because he comes into town doesn’t mean that I run every time he calls me.”

“Sure tell me anything.”

“Well it’s the truth. Well looking I’m close to home so I’m gonna go straight to bed and I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“As a matter of fact I’ll be at your apartment in about ten minutes.”

As she parked her car, she heard her phone vibrating. She looked at her phone shocked to see that Jerry had woken up. She threw her phone back into her pocketbook and parked her car. Before she got out of her car she took a few deep breathes and replayed what had happened that night between her and Jerry. She shook her head and then headed to her apartment. When she got into her apartment she was relieved but knew that this was only the beginning. She walked over to her bar and poured herself a shot of tequila and before she could another, there was a knock at the door. “Who is it?”

“Jaime.” Missy didn’t want to open the door but knew that if she didn’t Jaime would bang at the door all night. “It took you long enough.”

“Yeah, yeah, you want a drink?”

“Of course because I know that I’m going to need a few. So tell me what happened?”

“What do you mean what happened?”

“First, I’ve known you since elementary school, and I know you and how you feel about Jerry. And I am familiar with that Jerry glow that you have. You’ve had that glow since the day you told me that you couldn’t stand him.”

“That Jerry glow?”

“Yeah that Jerry glow. So how did it happen?”

“Well I was just chilling this morning drinking my Starbucks white chocolate mocha, reading the newspaper and my telephone rings. I pick it up and there on the other end was Jerry.”

“And what did he have to say?”

“He was in town and wanted to see me. I asked him where he was. He gave me the name of the hotel and his room number and hung up before I could say anything.”

“He still has his way with words.”

“That along with the way of his mighty sword.”

“So besides sex, did you at least get to tell him how you felt?”

“Oh I never got the chance.”

“What do you mean you never told him?”

“When I got there he gave me a hug and a kiss and then told me to sit down. I made my way to the couch and that’s when he told me that he and his wife are now officially divorced.”

“Wait him and his wife are now divorced, how long were they married?”

“Yes they are and they were only married for a few months.”

“Why did they get a divorce.”

“Well according to him, I am the only one for him and the only one that he truly wants to be with.”

“What did you then say to him?”

“There wasn’t much that I could say. One kiss and then it was off to the bedroom where it was ON FIRE! After that hot passionate sex we fell asleep but then I woke up and hurried to get out of there. Oh and this time Jerry woke up because right before I came into the house he called my cell phone. He’s probably still calling it and when he notices that I’m not going to pick up he’ll call here. Can I get you another martini?”

“How about a double shot of tequila? Did he tell you about his future plans?”

“Patron will do right?”

“Yes. Any future plans?”

“No, our conversation never made it that far.”

“Did you mention the fact that you are in a relationship and you are very happy?”

“Like I said our conversation never made it that far and besides before you knew it, I was in the bed calling out his name.”

“Missy you know you said that you were through with Jerry right?”

“Yes, I did say that.”

“Are you changing your story now?”

“No I’m not changing my story. Jaime, you don’t go away for six months, come back married; tell a person that it just happened. I’ve moved on and like you said I’m in a relationship with someone who makes me happy. I can’t see myself turning to Alan and saying, I’m sorry but I’m leaving you to be with my ex since he’s no longer married and wants to make “us” work again. I have no reason to leave and I’m not coming up with a reason either.”

“Okay but let me ask you a question.”

“Bitch! I had sex with him because I couldn’t resist. Now my dear Jaime you know what Jerry looks like. He’s six foot six, nice chocolate complexion with a heavenly body. Nice eight pack going on, with the pelvic bone that looks so damn delicious when he lets his sweatpants hang off his hip. Those dark brown dreamy eyes, bald head and no facial hair. He’s as close as you can get to Idris Elba. I know that what I did wasn’t right but Alan is out of town and when I get around Jerry and it’s just him and I, well temptation always wins.”

“Oh, okay but let me ask you this; if Alan was in town would you still have gone over there?”

“Uh.” At that point the telephone rang.

“Would you like me to get that?”

“Yes please.” Missy said hesitantly.

“Hello.” She turned and whispered Jerry’s name. “Oh she’s not back yet, but I’ll tell her that you called Jerry.” Jaime hung up the phone and looked at Missy. She picked up her jacket and pocketbook and headed out the door. “Missy, I’ll tell you this. Alan has been there to wipe away your tears and he’s been there to catch them. Alan is the best thing that has happened to you in this last past year, so I wouldn’t mess that up if I were you. I know that you’re a smart woman and I know you’re going to do what’s right.” Jaime left Missy sitting on the couch thinking. In the midst if her thoughts, her telephone rang again. She knew that Jerry knew she was home. She ran to her bedroom and saw that it was Jerry. Jaime was right, Missy had to be honest and that’s what she was going to be.

“Hey there Jerry.”

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