Personal, Thought, Writing

Mind Boggling Questions

Time after time
Place after place
Love after love……still nothing

Open my heart?
Keep my heart closed?
Be hurt or hurt?
Mind boggling questions

Perfect time, fucked up timing
Is that nothing becoming something?
……No its just for the moment
my heart closed…
No mind boggling question
Just a quick simple answer.

Now you come along,
what do I expect?
What should I expect?
More mind boggling questions

You say you want to love me?
Do you know how many
times I’ve heard that before?!
Why am I like that?
Now that’s a GOOD QUESTION!!!

After all the hurt and pain
my heart has closed.
So many lies, followed by nothing.
One tends to give up.

You say that you are real?!
Once again…..

Once you’re ‘bout it ‘bout it
maybe then my heart will open.
How long does that take?


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