This is driving me fucking crazy, don’t know if its the smile or the sinister look but damn it man!!!
Cell phone alarm goes off, swipe it to snooze another 10 mins so I can meditate on my day.

I close my eyes and instead of my heart and mind calming down, the thought of looking at myself, reverse cowgirl going up and down on only the tip, makes my heart and mind race. You’re holding my hips and every now and then you slam me down. As my heart races, faster, I see myself grabbing your ankles and I begin to bounce up and down on that dick. The faster I go, the wetter I get. I turn around with you still in me. Up and down I go, down and up and gyrating. As you go in I come down….Damn. It. Man. Why?!

With a swift motion, you’re hitting it from the back and I can see us in my mirror. You’re going deeper and harder. I feel myself wanting to tap out….but that’s not what I do….so I take it. My moans are louder, heart racing, adrenaline pumping…I’m almost there…you’re almost there…Damn it man my snooze time is over…

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